Minette De Asis & John Tubles

Minette grew up in a northern Philippine coastal town with a rich variety of fish. Her cooking skills were shaped by her father, a passionate amateur chef who butchers and cooks food for the Archbishop himself when he visits the city. Minette took various courses of study and worked as a consultant for international organisations. She has lived in Berlin for eight years and is nearing the end of her PhD in agricultural science at HU./p>

John Tubles is a Filipino-American Architect, Academic and Researcher that is passionate about cooking and feeding people. He grew up in Manila surrounded by excellent home cooks then moved to Los Angeles and gained professional culinary experiences in restaurants serving New American dishes with a Southern California flair. He continued his passion for food long after pursuing architectural projects in 20+ cities, in 10 countries, in 4 continents. He is interested in food and architecture as tools for a tangible cultural story-telling and hope to drive positive societal changes along the way.

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