Our lovingly curated cookbook collection includes original English editions as well as current bestsellers.


In our shops you will find one of the most extensive cookbook collections in the German-speaking area. More than 4,000 titles have passed Andreas‘ critical eye so far and are now stocked on our bookshelves.


English Language Books

Alongside German cookbooks and best sellers, you’ll find many English books and original editions – most of them directly imported, often long before the German release has been published. Over the years, we have engaged in a lively exchange with authors, who often come to our stores for release events, readings and workshops.

Rome wasn’t built in a day

As we are not part of the German wholesale bookmarket, but prefer to work independently, we have free choice regarding which books are placed on our bookshelves. This also means books will not be re-ordered automatically, so in some cases you’ll have to wait a little until your book arrives. But why not read one of the other 3,999 books in the meantime and discover something new!


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