The Goldhahn and Sampson e-mail voucher. Valid for buying cooking class tickets online.

Valid for 3 years after buying date. Immediate download after completion of payment

These vouchers are valid for cooking classes only, and they can only be redeemed online. If you prefer that your loved one can also buy books, food and wine, we recommend to buy them a golden voucher instead. To avoid confusion we would also like to ask you not to suggest any specific cooking class dates in the above voucher text. Otherwise the recipient might think that they can just pop in at the suggested time, and join the class--believe us, it can go terribly wrong! The class might be fully booked, and we feel bad having to send someone home. But do not worry! You can of course mention the classes in your text, even a specific theme, and encourage your friend to join it.

If you want to send the voucher directly to a friend, just enter his/her e-mail address.

All prices in EUR incl. VAT and excl. shipping costs.