Val delle Corti Lo Straniero  Toscana
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The Straniero is the everyday wine of Val delle Corti. Depending on the vintage, it is composed of 30-40% Merlot and 60-70% Sangiovese. "Lo straniero" means "the stranger" in Italian and refers to the high percentage of Merlot, which isn't at all typical for a Chianti Classico. Today Roberto describes the Merlot as a youthful mistake. Back in the day, because a consultant insisted, he planted a vineyard with Merlot. On the nose, there's clear fruit, red berries, some milk chocolate and pepper. In the mouth, the Merlot gives the Straniero its beautiful drinking flow and pleasant softness. So, in the end, it's a beautiful combination and a lucky move to bring in the Merlot. The Sangiovese gives spice and tannins as a counterpart. A nice companion to a simple dinner.

Val delle Corti is the result of a paradoxical experiment by his parents, says Roberto Bianchi. In 1974 Giorgio and Eli Bianchi moved with nine-year-old Roberto from Milan to Radda in the heart of the original Chianti Classico area. At the time this was a very brave move because as autodidacts they took over a completely abandoned estate in an overgrown area. Radda, at about 500 metres above sea level, is the highest village in the whole Chianti Classico area. In the past, this was a disadvantage. 'Radda was Cinderella', says Roberto about the place - too high, too cold, the wines too austere to be good Chianti. No self-respecting winegrowing family wanted to make Chianti in Radda. This has changed completely with climate change. Today Roberto says with a smile, 'Radda rules'. Now Roberto's wines benefit greatly from the high altitude vineyards and the coolness. While winegrowers at low altitudes find the wines too ripe and alcoholic, Roberto on Val delle Corti produces wines that combine freshness, elegance and maturity. It is just as we believe good Chianti Classico should be - with finesse and structure, but not thick and marmalade-like. Val delle Corti now cultivates on 6 hectares mainly Sangiovese, some Canaiolo, Merlot and Malvasia Nera. Apart from Merlot, a typical Chianti blend. Two more hectares are leased. Since 2020 not only the vineyards but also the cellar are certified organic. Part of the work is biodynamic. The wines are produced in the vineyard with a lot of manual work and attention. 'The secret', says Roberto, 'is to remain faithful to Sangiovese and the soil'. When his father died unexpectedly early in 1999, Roberto was faced with a landmark decision. Should he continue Val delle Corti or give it up? He decided to stay. Today, after over 20 years, he says it was the right decision. We too are very happy that he has made this decision and shares his wines, these results of an experiment, with us.

Bottler: Az.agr. Valdellecorti da Roberto Bianchi, 53017 Radda in Chianti, Italy

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Sangiovese, Merlot | Product of Italy


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