Rani Bayat

I was born in Britain to Indian parents, growing with a dual heritage as well as living in a very diverse cultural environment. This led me to being able to cook a variety of cuisines. I have always had a passion and feeling for cooking and baking vegan and vegetarian food as I am a lifetime lacto vegetarian. The best part of authentic Indian cuisine is most of the dishes are vegan or vegetarian by default and you are never short of churning out tasty dishes. If anything I am thankful to my mother who taught me rural Punjabi cooking and the health benefits of herbs and spices as well as mindful cooking with love. Over the years I naturally progressed, creating fusion foods and developing layers of taste. I married into a half Persian family and have learnt to adapt my vegetarian cooking to a traditionally meat based cuisine. Alongside these favourite cuisines of mine, I can also cook Mexican food, Italian, English, Indo-Chinese and Thai. I like to include and promote whole foods preferably organic within my cooking and I make everything from scratch, while never compromising on taste. I have a sweet tooth and enjoy baking many vegan and vegetarian desserts. Very soon I will be qualified as a nutritionist in vegan and vegetarian food. I am looking forward to sharing my wholesome and delicious recipes to vegetarian and vegan people seeking to learn how to cook healthy tasty food, whether they are transitioning their eating habits due to: environmental, ethical or dietary reasons. I will be here to guide you step by step and talk you through about herbs, spices and many other ingredients as well as the health benefits and how to strike balance in healthy, mindful cooking and eating.

Foto: Melanie Ziggel

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