Ortiz - Sardines in olive oil - 140 g - Dose
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What's that?

Sardines in olive oil in the traditional way of Ortiz. Each sardine is cleaned by hand and then briefly fried in olive oil before being canned.

Charming show-off knowledge:

Did you know that Ortiz has been making canned fish since 1891? That's a long time! And that all the tuna used is traditionally caught with fishing rods and live bait to guarantee quality and sustainability? That's farsightedness.


Distributors: Conservas Ortiz S.A., Inaki Deuna 15, 48700 Ondarroa, Spain

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Sardines - Sardina Pilchardus 73 %, Native olive oil 26 %, Salt 1 %



This product contains on average:

Nutrition Factsper 100g
Energy 798KJ/ 191kcal
Fat 11g
of which saturated fat 2,4g
Carbohydrate 0,0g
of which sugars 0,0g
Protein 23g
Salt 0,8g

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