Gegenbauer - Vinegar - Hausessig edelsuess - 250ml
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250 ml

What's that amazing delicious?

Edelsüß light vinegar from the famous Gegenbauer vinegar manufactory in Vienna. Sour and Sweet! Yes that`s right! 5 % acid, natural and unfiltered from regional ingredients. Good, isn't it? The best vinegar for salads or for cooking and marinating. Delicious and special. You must have tried it...

Charming show-off knowledge:

Did you know that the house vinegar edelsüß from Erwin Gegenbauer is fermented in the "Buchenspanverfahren"? The vinegars are produced in a large wooden barrel. The mash is pumped into the wooden barrel over the beech chips and air is blown in from below. The acetic acid bacteria living on the chips use oxygen to convert the alcohol into acetic acid. This slowly produces a high-quality vinegar. This production method goes back to the "bondage process" developed in the 1820s, which was invented by the South German vinegar manufacturer Johann Sebastian Schützenbach. This process is a slow and gentle process that allows the best characteristics of the vinegar and its original wine or grain to be fully exploited. (Source:


Distributor: Gegenbauer, Waldgasse 3, 1100 Vienna, Austria

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beech chip vinegar, fruit vinegar, cooked fruit juice | Acidity: 5 %


May contain traces of gluten

This product contains on average:

Nutrition Factsper 100g
Energy 725KJ/170kcal
Fat 0g
of which saturated fat 0g
Carbohydrate 40,9g
of which sugars 40,9g
Protein 0,5g
Salt 0g

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