Erbe di Brai Loi - Bay leaves from Sardinia - 7 g bag
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These Sardinian bay leaves are so much more aromatic than what you usually find in the supermarket. Ideal for fish, in soups and stews, the whole leaves with their intense aroma provide exactly the right seasoning.

The herbs Erbe di Brai Loi may seem a little inconspicuous due to their modest packaging, but as soon as you open the pack, you know these herbs are different. The intense fragrance and the dust-and break-free herbs make you come back for more. The herbs reach the customer within a maximum of one year - this is essential to the producer Peter Meier, that the customers get the full aroma. Meier, originally from Switzerland, runs the Erbe di Brai Loi farm in the Sardinian hinterland. The farm is located on the southeast coast of Sardinia, about 3 kilometers from the beach, at the foot of some hills. The barren, loamy soil and the hillside location, lots of sun, and often strong winds are responsible for the intense aroma of the herbs. Meier uses almost exclusively biodynamic cultivation methods and most of the harvest is done by hand. Plows and harrows and the use of donkeys make you feel like you've traveled back in time.


Distributor: Azienda agricola Erbe di Brai Loi di Meier H.P.Feraxi, I-09043 Muravera CA, Italy

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Bay leaves from Sardinia

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