Taza 70% DARK Chocolate Chipotle Chili, 70 % cocoa, 77-g-disc
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What's delicious?

Dark vanilla chocolate from Taza Chocolate. 50% chocolate with a rustic coarse-grained mouth feel and spicy chipotle chili. A taste experience away from standard chocolates. Handmade, ethical and vegan.

Charming show-off knowledge:

Taza grinds the cocoa for all its chocolates itself with its own Mexican-style millstones. The cocoa is purchased directly from the cocoa farmers. The farmers are controlled by Taza itself and receive 15-20% above fair trade price, provided they ensure quality and ethical working conditions. This is what Taza stands for.


Distributor: VOF Chocoweb h.o.d.n. ClearChox, Boterbloemstraat 17, 6832 BL Arnhem, The Netherlands

Notes: Illustration may differ from the original in shape and colour. No liability is assumed for the above information. Only the information on the respective product packaging is binding. Please check this in each individual case.


Cacoa beans, cane sugar, chipotle chili powder


Could contain traces of nuts, coconut and peanuts

This product contains on average:

Nutrition Factsper 100g
Energy 2201KJ/526kcal
Fat 26,3g
of which saturated fat 15,8g
Carbohydrate 63,1g
of which sugars 55,2g
Protein 7,9g
Salt 0g

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