Fabiano Borretti

Born in Brazil and surrounded by the Italian cooking heritage of his family, Fabiano Borretti has from a very young age showed a great appetite for good food and a love for sweet things. His grandparents were self-taught bakers and confectioners, running from home a cake and petit-fours business renown in the whole of their home town. They were the most important influence for his love of baking. He followed on their steps as an autodidact baker starting to sell cakes and petit-fours by private order while he was still at school. After moving to London at the age of 18 and studying Linguistics in Philosophy, Fabiano put aside the academic books and got back to his cookery books to start working in the food and hospitality industry again. During a trip to Australia he ventured into the world of ice-cream making and then continued to develop his skills as ice-patissier in London’s Ruby Violet Ice-Cream Parlour and lastly in Berlin’s PAR Creamery. His work at Goldhahn & Sampson as Cake Baker, Barista and Tresista enables him to combine his passion for people and for baking.

Foto: Fabiano Borretti
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